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Moving Forward, Not Back

Quote says: ‘The important thing is to learn to live according to your limitations, being neither overprotective nor reckless. - jw.org’
Modelling Chasm Shawlette

The last few weeks I’ve been thinking long and hard. Not just about me and my health but also about Edau’r Afon and Willis Accounting where I’d like to take them in the future. It’s been a difficult few weeks with a lot of personal wrangling and I’ve been ripping myself to pieces about the whole thing. I want to keep everyone happy but I have to accept that I can’t.

Flowers grow back, even after they’re stepped on. So will I.Health wise, I’ve been really struggling recently. Gradually over the last year or so my fatigue has been getting worse and worse. I could sleep all night and wake up more tired than when I went to bed. It’s really frustrating but we know it’s temporary and caused by my fatty liver so hopefully if I keep taking the statin and lose weight, hopefully, it’ll get better. Added to that my anxiety has been a million times worse and I’ve had to up my anxiety meds twice in the last two months. So with all of this, I’ve made a few decisions as to my businesses and how I’ll move forward.

Firstly, for the next few weeks I’m taking a step back. I’m going to rest and regroup before I make a concerted effort to push forward. I’m hoping the rest will make me want to create more and come up with a few designs.

Secondly, I won’t be taking on anymore accounts clients. Basically I’m folding Willis Accounting into Edau’r Afon. I’m not going to leave my current clients in the lurch. I’ll be contacting them personally to discuss their options.

Thirdly, for now, I’ve closed my Etsy and Conscious Crafties shops completely and in the next few weeks, I’ll be looking at opening a Facebook shop via Shopify. This will streamline sharing products etc to Instagram because I’ll be able to share links to the Facebook shop from the pictures. My Ravelry shop is and will remain open.

It takes no more time to see the good side of life than it takes to see the bad - Jimmy BuffetFourthly, for the foreseeable future, I’ll only be selling my designs as patterns. That’s doesn’t mean I won’t in the future offer made products again, it just means I’m assessing my options as I stand at the moment and what I want to do. If you do want to commission me to make you something then don’t be shy about messaging me. I will help I’m just not advertising this service anymore.

How you can help…

  • You can buy a pattern from my Ravelry store and make it and share your project on Ravelry and Instagram. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be looking at having a monthly giveaway where I’ll give something to a random person who’s shared a photo of their project of my patterns. I want exciting inexpensive prizes so if you’d like to donate some, I’d be really happy! If you do share your progress online, don’t forget to tag me (edaurafon) and use the #tag #edaurafon.
  • You can buy me a ko-fi which I’ll use to help me defray the expenses for designing patterns like tech editing etc.
  • Please please please, don’t just like my posts online but comment too because the more popular my posts are, the more people see them.
  • You can follow me on my various social media sites. On Instagram and Twitter I’m edaurafon and at the moment, I’m trying to change my Facebook page name and once I do, I’ll add a link here!

Thanks for following me guys and continuing to support me! You’ve been fantastic so far! I’m excited to see what the future brings!

Love Michelle XOX

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