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A Different Perspective…

While all the children were starting school last week, I myself was going back to school. Well, night school anyway!

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Moving Forward, Not Back

The last few weeks I’ve been thinking long and hard. Not just about me and my health but also about Edau’r Afon and Willis Accounting where I’d like to take them in the future. It’s been a difficult few weeks with a lot of personal wrangling and I’ve been ripping myself to pieces about the… Continue reading Moving Forward, Not Back

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Good & Bad News…

Over the last few months, I have felt exhausted. Not just the normal Fibro exhausted but extra exhausted. If I could have allowed myself, I would sleep the clock round and still wake up exhausted! I’ve had restless entire body but I’ve been so exhausted that I haven’t been disturbed by it. It got so bad in December that I had to rescind my driving licence, something I mentioned here.

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My Word of the Year 2019: Present

Last year was somewhat of a disaster for me personally. Family members and friends became sick and I lost others that I wasn’t planning on losing. People are supposed to live forever! It came as a great shock to me to find out that they don’t. My own health deteriorated last year to the point that in December 2018, I felt the need to contact the DVLA about surrendering my driving license. A difficult decision you’ll understand. Especially as I can’t just jump in the car when I want 5 minutes peace or if I want to go somewhere!

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The Secret Sisters In Concert

If you’ve never been to The Tunnels before, I would recommend it as a really cool place to go! It’s difficult to find the first time, but once you know where it is then you won’t forget again! Basically it’s two former train storage tunnels underneath Temple Meads Train Station. Think Thomas the Tank’s storage shed and you’ll kind of get the idea! Or maybe that episode where Gordon decided he didn’t want to go out in the rain and got bricked up in the tunnel! Anyway, it’s really cosy and intimate and you feel like you can get up close with the performers! We were sat in the front row though…