Self Care Craft Along 2017 – #SelfCareCAL

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The original post giving details of the CAL is here. This page is to list the prizes and who won when the CAL is over. As the CAL progress, I’ll put links to all the future posts about the CAL here.

Feel free to share the button above on your blog posts about the Craft Along.

There’ll be a few prizes offered for the CAL. I’m offering a few from my shop and a few people have kindly donated prizes for the CAL.

I will be offering:IMG_20170811_162324

A few kind people from the Conscious Crafties website have kindly donated some prizes to the CAL. If anybody else donates any prizes, I’ll add them as and when. If you want to donate a prize, feel free to email me on or message me on Ravelry.

First is Sam, she’s shared a short bio with me:

Hi I’m Sam from Samantha-Janes jewellery, I’m from a little town right on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border. My passion is jewellery making, creating from wire or shibori ribbon and hand embroidery. I’m inspired by nature in the main, and make my best pieces when I’ve spent time near water, be it a loch or the sea. My donated piece will be some wire work earrings specially made for this.

You can find Sam’s store here. Sam is crafting through Chronic Intractable Migraines, Fibromyalgia and Hidradenitis Suppurativa. All of which are debilitating in their own ways. Sam makes some beautiful jewellery and has a unique sense of style. My favourite item in her shop is this.

Next, we have Paula:

Hi, I’m Paula from Bunnybear Designs UK 🐰 I’m based in Cheshire & constantly inspired by the Cheshire countryside – a lot of my designs are animal & woodland based. There are two main areas to my crafts – handmade cards & gift wrap & hand stitched items – both felt creatures & cross stitch designs. I also love to combine the two to create my cross stitch cards, & gifts like my sticky note holder which is my donated item 😊

Paula is donating this beautiful sticky note holder. You can find her main store here.  She is living with Chronic OCD and Anxiety Disorder. A very difficult combination of mental illnesses to deal with!

Next up, we have Jennifer from Noelscraftycards. She offered some cards as a prize. Jennifer has lived with a hearing impairment since childhood and has children with Anxiety, Dyslexia and her daughter has Lupus. RiverSystem is hearing impaired and I know the challenge that this entails both for the hearing impaired and their loved ones.

Next, we have Laura from Paprika Jewellery and Accessories. She has offered to make key rings or badge charms with empowering messages on! Laura lives with Chronic Migraines and Intracranial Hypertension, Hypothyroidism and Anxiety. Migraines in themselves can be debilitating without the rest! I love this Lapis Lazuli bag charm that is decorated with a semi-colon. Semi-colon’s are massive at the moment for people  with mental illnesses because of Project Semicolon, a suicide prevention charity.

And finally! Emma Louise from Buttons Inc. has donated this set of four butterfly cards. Emma crafts to help her mental health. She has had a Personality Disorder, Anxiety and Depression for over 20 years. I love this photo frame with buttons on!

I’ll be sharing an interview with all of the makers as individual posts during the CAL so keep an eye on this post. I’ve mentioned before how I believe that inside every disabled person is a well one wondering what happened so please look at the shops above and buy something from them. I promise you that it’ll make their date.


So what do you have to do to win?

  • Simply spend some time each day doing something that involves Self Care and Mindfulness and share it either on the blog or Instagram.
  • If you blog about your Self Care use the badge above and make sure you leave a comment on this page.
  • If you share on Istagram or Twitter, use the tag #SelfCareCAL and tag me. (@gifted_goodies)
  • You don’t have to finish a project by the end of the CAL, if you don’t then just share a photo of what you’ve got up to!
  • You’ll have one entry for telling me what you’re up to and another for sharing how far you’ve got and how you feel it’s helped you.
  • Closing Date – The CAL ends at midnight UK time on 13/10/2017 but you have until 20/10/2017 to get your final entries in.
  • I’ll choose winners via random generator on Saturday afternoon and contact the winner and the person that donated the prize so you can organise delivery.

I look forward to seeing what you get up to!

Love Michelle XOXOX

Blog Posts About the Cal

One thought on “Self Care Craft Along 2017 – #SelfCareCAL

  1. Hi Michelle, I’ve written a blog about what I’ve been up to and wanted to put the badge on to show that I’m supporting you, but…I’m a bit confused about generating it via the code. Would you possibly mind showing me…or am I too late to join in Noel? Sorry I’ve been very poorly for a couple of weeks and other stuff’s been going on so I’m behind with all of it, including the prize. Please know that I am still happy to donate but haven’t made it yet and won’t be able to for a while. I was going to pm you, but was on this page…haha! Great blogs btw and you’re doing a fab job of raising awareness, please do message me about things. Thanks also for your kind words about my story and link to Paprika Jewellery.
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Laura X


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